Which vehicles are allowed:

All vehicles which have a air-cooled manufacturer-based Chassie.
This means that vehicles with a non-air-cooled engine must always have a chassie from an air-cooled car. An air cooled engine in a non air cooled chassie is therefore not allowed.

What start numbers are there:

All starting numbers start with an AC (for Aircooled Championship) and go  from 001 to 999. Each driver can determine his own starting number, as  long as he is not already assigned to a driver already registered. If no start number is given, a starting number is given by the EAC.
The starting number must be clearly visible on the vehicle. If, for any reason, the start numbers are not visible to the  organizer, each driver is obliged to produce his start number legibly.

Which motors / concepts are allowed:

All types of motors may be used.
All types of fuels may be used.
All types of charging may be used.

water cooled turbo vehicles are grouped into the turbo class and a displacement factor of 1.7 is applied.
only water cooled  vehicles are grouped into the turbo class and a displacement factor of “open” is applied.

Which tires are allowed:

There is a free tire selection. In the following classes racing is compulsory:
naturally aspirated over 2400 cc
turbo over 2400 cc

Which transmission / transmission is permissible:

All transmissions and transmissions are permitted.

Which drivers are allowed:

The driver must:
To be in possession of a driving license in his country
• Be at least 18 years old
Be free of drugs
Be free from alcohol

Which vehicle acceptance / safety inspection / technical inspection is available:

All vehicles will be accepted by the race organizer and will be entitled to start the race. If a vehicle does not make the acceptance, it loses the approval for  the race week, but can regain the approval at the time of the  acceptance.

What is the score:

Points are only awarded in the elimination stages. Points from 1 to 10 are given in each class. As follows:
1 place = 20 points
2 place = 18 points
3 place = 16 points
4 place = 14 points
5 place = 12 points
6 place = 10 points
7 place = 8 points
8 place = 6 points
9 place = 4 points
10 place = 2 points

The points can be calculated for a maximum of 4 races.

What classes are there:

The race series is divided into the following classes:
naturally aspirated up to 1200 ccm
naturally aspirated up to 2000 ccm
naturally aspirated up to 2400 ccm
naturally aspirated over 2400 ccm (open naturally aspirated class)

Turbo to 1600 cc
Turbo up to 2400 ccm
Turbo over 2400 ccm (open turbo class)

How is the race:

It is planned that the participants meet at the EAC INFO stand on  Saturday and Sunday morning, usually at 09:00, to hold a driver's  discussion:
On Saturday, there should be about 4 qualifying races (the number of  races is determined by the respective organizer and can vary in number), the best time for the races on Sunday is taken.
The following qualification times are planned:
at 10:00 a.m
at 12:00 a.m.
at 14:00 p.m.
at 16:00 p.m.

The starting set-up will be posted on the EAC Infobrett on Saturdays approximately 2 hours after the end of the event.
On Sunday, the planned withdrawals will take place.

What kind of victory is there:

Places 1 to 3 are awarded with a trophy. The cup will be handed over at the EAC Pokalpodest.

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